The Function of Commercial Erv

The function of commercial erv:
1. Commercial erv refer to some services that need to be purchased to maintain the operation of the organization, including services consumed by individuals, enterprises and the government.

2. Guarantee the smooth circulation of commodities

3. Commercial erv is the precondition and necessary means to realize commodity transfer. Commercial erv plays the roles of "organizer", "guardian" and "intermediary", especially providing various services for the movement of commodity entities to ensure the transfer of commodities in space.

4. Guarantee the basic life and quality of life needs of consumers

5. Commercial erv constitutes the most basic content of Et life of people, such as haircuts, bath, repair, diet and other services. Commercial erv is not only the extension of family basic life and the cultural process but also the symbol of the improvement of people's material and cultural living standards, such as cultural entertainment, community service, elderly service and so on.

6. Guarantee the smooth progress of the national economy

7. Commercial erv not only constitute an organic whole of the national economy but also is a link of economic links between various departments and regions. It promotes the flow of commodities through commercial erv, regulates surplus and deficiency, and promotes the development of production and the growth of consumption.

8. Guarantee unobstructed market information and promote new product development

9. Through the role of business information consultation and intermediary, enterprises can feedback consumption demand, guide production departments to adjust product structure in time, produce marketable products, develop new products, and meet consumption needs in many ways. 
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