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Staff Birthday

The company's diversified expressions of care for employees, in order to create a caring corporate culture atmosphere, Thenow holds birthday ceremony every month for the staffs' birthday date at that month. It enables employees to truly feel the care of the collective family, and improves employees' sense of identity and belonging to the company.


On April 12, Ms. Rena, COO of the company, celebrated her birthday together with the staffs of Thenow. She wants every staff can feel the warmth from the big family of Thenow.

It seems like a small activity, but it expresses the company's care for employees,It is a good policy to improve the cohesion and centripetal force of employees and their working enthusiasm. This is also to promote the company's culture, It is also a measure to implement humanized management.


Birthday for employees, this is just a small move, but it is not only poured into the company's care for employees, but also will play a positive role in promoting the enthusiasm of mobilizing employees love their jobs.


Singing, laughing, let the sun always bright their lives every day! Finally, happy birthday to them all.

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