Some Notes on Central Dehumidification System

It is necessary to pay attention to indoor air humidity in modern household life. Higher humidity can make people feel that the temperature is higher than the actual, affecting human health and comfort. When the humidity is too high, the concentration of thyroxine and adrenaline in the body decreases relatively, people will feel listless and depressed. It can easily cause sensitive dermatitis, pharyngitis, and pneumonia in children. It can also cause mildew and deformation of wallpaper and wood, damage indoor electronic products, and greatly shorten the life of high-end household appliances. If the mycelium of the fungus enters the blood through the respiratory tract, it will also destroy the brain tissue of the child, causing extremely serious consequences. People who live in humid places for a long time (such as islands and basements) are prone to rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

The central dehumidification system uses the central dehumidifier to dehumidify the rooms through pipelines according to the needs of different seasons. The central dehumidification system automatically dehumidifies according to the humidity value set by customers, without manual duty. At the same time, it has the function of purifying the air when circulating and dehumidifying. It keeps the air in the living space fresh and humid at the same time. It is suitable for villas, basements, small swimming pools, archives, and cultural relics collection rooms and other places with high requirements for humidity and ventilation. The humidity of rainy season and rainy season in the Yangtze River Delta area is too high, and the humidity is easy to accumulate in the indoor, which causes the problem of excessive indoor humidity, so dehumidification is more necessary.

Common Questions and Answers

1. The central air conditioning system can also dehumidify. Is it unnecessary to install a central dehumidifier when central air conditioning is installed?

All air conditioners have their dehumidification function. But the main function of air conditioning is to refrigerate. The process of refrigeration must be accompanied by dehumidification. The temperature of humid air will drop dramatically after passing through the evaporator of the air conditioner. The excess water vapor in the air will be condensed on the fins of the evaporator and discharged, thus achieving the dehumidification effect.

Air conditioning dehumidification mode will inevitably cause room temperature drop, and can not accurately control indoor humidity. Dehumidification is not practical and wastes electricity. The central dehumidifier works by cooling the inside of the machine and separating water from the air. Temperature changes in space are not obvious, and complex humidity control can be carried out. It can be set to a more user-friendly humidity environment. It is more efficient and more energy-saving. Therefore, central air conditioning can not replace the use of a central dehumidifier.

2. Besides the central fresh air system, do you need to install a central dehumidifier?

The central fresh air system is to solve the cleanliness and freshness of indoor air, there is no dehumidification function. A central dehumidification system is still needed for indoor dehumidification. It is recommended that a central fresh air dehumidifier be installed to meet both indoor fresh air and dehumidification requirements.

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