Relevant introduction of commercial hrv

A commercial hrv is a device that transfers part of the heat of a hot fluid to a cold fluid. Heat exchangers are common equipment in the chemical industry, petroleum industry, power industry, food industry, and many other industries. The heat exchanger can be used as heater, cooler, condenser, evaporator and reboiler in chemical production. There are many kinds of heat exchangers, but according to the principle and mode of heat exchange in cold and hot fluids, they can be divided into three categories: inter-wall type, mixed type, and regenerative type. Among the three types of heat exchangers, inter-wall heat exchangers are most widely used.

The classification of inter-wall commercial hrv:

According to the principle of action, they can be divided into inter-wall commercial hrv, regenerative heat exchangers and mixed heat exchangers.

According to the purpose of use can be divided into cooler, heater, condenser and carburetor.

According to the structural materials can be divided into metal materials heat exchangers and non - metallic materials commercial hrv.

According to the shape and structure of the heat transfer surface, it can be divided into tubular commercial hrv and plate commercial hrv.

According to the use can be divided into collective commercial hrv and household commercial hrv.

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