The Maintenance of Wine Cellar Climate Control System

1. It is required to check three-phase alternating of current wine cellar climate control system regularly to see if it is balanced and to see if the blown fuse of current source is in good condition, strictly preventing the power-driven machine is broken due to phase-missing running.

2. The environmental temperature for current wine cellar climate control system to run normally should be lower than 43℃; otherwise, high-pressure protection will forward and the unit will stop working which is the system protection of device instead of quality default.

3. It is required to inspect the heat exchange fins of outdoor air unit to ensure if there is too much dust. If so, you should clean it in time with fur to proceed up and down along the direction of fins. You should pay attention not to press down the fins for the sake of ventilation.

4. Air filtering screen should be washed every 15 days in order to avoid the block of dust which will affect the ventilation.

5. It should be strictly controlled when the device is fueled and added refrigerant. It should be operated by technical staff in case the machine is damaged.

6. When using, you should turn off the machine when discovering the fan stops working. It should be restarted after the removal of fault.

7. The water in the humidifier should be cleaned when you will not use it for a long term.

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