Lifespan Of A Cellar Cooling System And Maintenance Work

Every cooling unit has a lifespan, national standard for normal air conditioning units is 12 years. Then,what is the typical lifespan of a cellar cooling system? To different types and different models, 1 to 20 years is possible. The biggest factors that affect the lifespan of your cooling system are proper preparation, installation, and maintenance of your cellar.

Is the lifespan different for each system? The answer is Yes. Generally split systems’ lifespans are the longest and can last up to 20 years depending on how hard they have to work. Ductable units last from 10-15 years and self-contained units last up to 10 years(standard shelf life is about 5-8 years).

Though the maintenance work can affect the lifespan of a cellar cooling unit, how to do the normal daily maintenance work to extend its running life? 

1. Regularly check whether the three-phase current of the power supply is balanced, whether the fuse of the power supply is in good condition, and strictly prevent the lack of phase operation and damage to the motor.

2. The ambient temperature for the normal working of the split unit should be lower than 43°C, and the self-contained unit is lower than 35°C. When the unit does not operate under the normal working ambient temperature, high-voltage protection will occur, the unit will stop running, and it belongs to the system maintenance of the equipment. , not a quality failure.

3. Always check whether there is too much dust on the heat exchange fins of the outdoor unit. If so, remove the dust in time. Use a soft brush to brush up and down along the direction of the fins. Be careful not to overwhelm the heat exchange fins and affect ventilation.

4. The air filter should be washed every 15 days to avoid dust blockage and affect ventilation.

5. The refueling and refrigerant addition of the equipment should be strictly controlled, and professional personnel should operate it to avoid damage to the machine.

6. During use, if the fan is found to be stopped, it must be stopped immediately to check, and then continue to use after troubleshooting.

7. When the unit is not used for a long time, the water in the drain pan should be drained.

8. The power supply must be cut off during maintenance to ensure that the maintenance is carried out without electricity. Wet film is a consumable item and is not covered by the product warranty.