Information | forecast of wine consumption trend in 2020

Wine intelligence, a wine research organization, has released its annual forecasts of 2020, and claimed that they reflect the global challenges in the industry.
In 2020, the first year of the next decade, there are five predictions, and holsted said: "we see the continuous development of some existing behaviors, as well as the emergence (or reemergence) of some other behaviors."

forecast of wine consumption trend in 2020

01 Global wine consumption will decline
Wine Intelligence believes that wine consumption in developed countries will be reduced by 2020, but the value of wine consumption will not be seriously affected in general.
"Although overall consumption has decreased, those who drink less wine will spend more on the wine they want to buy," holsted said. As a result, the prices of these wines have been rising for several years in major consumer markets. "
It is predicted that this trend may cause trouble for producers and brand businessmen who rely on the low profit and high sales business model; however, it is also believed that consumers are looking for wine brands with ideas, origins or cultural interests.

02 sustainable development proposition will be carefully examined
Nowadays, environmental buzzwords often appear in the packaging and marketing of wine, and it is expected that consumers will investigate them next year.
Wine intelligence research shows that many consumers can read and believe in sustainable development vocabulary, but holsted said: "we also notice that a small but growing number of buyers are fundamentally more loyal, which is usually due to a comprehensive considerations of environmental, moral, social or lifestyle."
"Next year, I expect such consumers to be more enthusiastic about wine making or viticulture claims and more willing to point out what they consider illegal or unacceptable standards."

03 CBD wine will be further explored
Cannabies based drinks have been causing predictions for some time, but they have not yet started due to the limitations of the laws of different jurisdictions.
Although marijuana will not be accepted or popularized by the mainstream in 2020, more companies are expected to start exploring marijuana.

04 products in wine countries with low reputation will become more popular
Wine Intelligence predicts that wine products in Germany, South Africa, Portugal and Greece will become more popular.
Holsted thinks Riesling from Germany, fresh white wine and mixed red wine from South Africa and Portugal, and light white wine from Greece are likely to become the favorite of consumers.

05 increase investment in creative packaging and service models
The central idea of wine intelligence prediction is that the brand will focus on label and design to highlight consumers who are busy and more visual oriented. At the same time, it is also classic enough to ensure that the quality meets the shoppers. Look for different bottle shapes, icons and colors, which are different from other things on the shelf.
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