How to Store Wine Without Cork After Opening?

When a 750ml bottle of wine cannot be consumed at once, we need save it again and enjoy it later.  If done right, the remaining wine can stay fresh for three to five days.

Open wine, oxygen will enter the bottle. For wine, oxygen is like a double-edged sword.  On the one hand, wine needs to use oxygen to gradually display complex aromas,on the other hand, excessive oxygen will cause wine deterioration. Therefore, when handling opened wine, it is necessary to avoid excessive contact of the wine with oxygen.  Like other foods, wine can also be stored in the refrigerator. In a low temperature environment, wine is not so prone to chemical reactions, so wine is not easily oxidized.  In addition, low temperature can inhibit the activity of acetic acid bacteria, thereby effectively preventing the vinegar of wine.

How to Store Wine Without Cork After Opening

After the cork is taken out, the natural cork will expand and become larger than the mouth of the bottle. Usually, with a little bit of patience, you can screw the cork back in.

If the cork is damaged or old and fragile, wipe off all loose pieces and check for cracks.  The damaged cork may still be able to seal the air adequately, but if it is severely damaged, you need find another closure.  Replace the damaged cork with a rubber stopper, or cover the bottle with a plastic wrap fixed with a rubber band.

How to save the wine without cork?

Change the bottle

For ordinary bottled wine (750ml), if half of the wine is left, the best way at this time is to find a wine bottle with a capacity of 375ml, then pour the wine into a small bottle, re-cork it, and put it in the refrigerator.Because it is difficult for air to penetrate into a full bottle of wine, this can better prevent the wine from contacting oxygen. However, it should be noted that small-capacity wine bottles must be cleaned to avoid contamination of the wine.

Vacuum pump

To further prevent the oxidation of wine, consider using a vacuum pump.  The specially designed vacuum pump is equipped with a rubber stopper and a suction stick. It is inserted into the wine bottle and lightly pressed.

Vacuum pumps are very practical, and the price is relatively affordable, you can find them in many large supermarkets. Of course, the aspirated wine still needs to be placed in the wine cabinet or cellar to ensure the freshness of the wine.

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