How to Avoid Misunderstanding When Drinking Wine

The more expensive wine is the good wine?  A bottle of thousands of wine is not necessarily better than a few hundred yuan. For example, Liber Pater Winery, priced at 230,000, is more expensive than Romani Conti, is the quality better? Presumably the drinker has his own answer. In fact, the most important thing about drinking is not the price, but finding what you like. Within your budget, try different types of wines from different regions and find the one you like best is the best wine.

wine cellar temperature and humidity control

In recent years, natural wine has become popular without additives or sulfur dioxide, and natural wine that reduces manual intervention is believed to be safe and harmless by many people.  However, wine that does not use sulfur dioxide is healthier. Will it be a headache if you drink it?  Maybe not.  First of all, in order to achieve no sulfur addition in brewing, it is necessary to have perfect sanitary conditions, strict fruit selection, and the ingenious use of reduction phenomena in order to achieve a mistake-free result.  Secondly, natural wine is not filtered or clarified, which means that impurities (microorganisms and proteins) in the wine will be left in the bottle.  In addition, even if sulfur is not used, there is still the possibility of headaches.  Because fermentation with natural yeast sometimes increases the content of biogenic amines in wine, tyramine is one of the biogenic amines, and studies have shown that it can cause headaches and migraines.  Finally, the quality of wine without sulfur dioxide will be relatively unstable, which is not conducive to long-term storage. Therefore, in the process of transportation or retail, if it is slightly improper, natural wine will easily deteriorate.

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Why wine need to sober up? One is to let the liquor come into contact with oxygen and oxidize it slightly to remove unpleasant odors, so that the aroma of the wine becomes open and at the same time the wine becomes more supple. The second is to remove impurities in wine. In fact, not all wines need to be hanged up. Those that are usually dominated by fresh fruit (such as Beaujolais), light ordinary red, white wine, and rose wine do not need to be opened in advance, as long as they are opened and drink now.  And those wines with rich tannins and strong body are likely to need to be hanged up.

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