How Do Wine Cellar Cooling Units Work ?

The wine cellar cooling unit is used for the temperature and humidity adjustment and control of the wine cellar. Its working principle is: through the control panel designed for the wine cellar special air conditioner, the operation of the compressor is commanded, and the temperature is effectively controlled at 10-18 degrees, and the humidity is 50- 70%, the unit will run automatically to meet the constant and continuous stability of the key temperature required for wine storage. It can be seen that installing a professional wine cellar air conditioner for your wine cellar to perform constant temperature and humidity is very necessary.

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

1.The requirements for the installation environment of the wine cellar

The wine cellar climate control unit is different from our ordinary air conditioner, because it must ensure that the wine cellar always maintains a constant temperature and humidity state during its work, so it requires the wine cellar to be thermally insulated and a special thermal insulation door for the wine cellar.


2.Requirements for on-site power and water

A. Power requirements:

The electrical standards of all professional wine cellar cooling units is: 220-230V / 50 Hz

B. Intake and drainage requirements

There are two types of constant temperature and humidity wine cellar air conditioners. One is suitable for areas in southern China, where the annual humidity is between 50-85%. Its work is relatively simple and does not require water and moisturizing work. Based on the principle of humidity, this type of equipment does not require a separate water inlet, only drainage.

The other is suitable for northern China. The minimum humidity will be below 50%. A humidification system will be added to the design of the equipment. Inlet and drainage water needs to be provided.

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