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Dehumidifier, which is defined similarly as the drying machine, can be generally classified as the dehumidifier for civil use and industrial dehumidifier, being part of the air conditioner. Generally, regular dehumidifier is made of compressor, heat exchanger, fan, water container, main case and controller. Its working principle is: the fan will deliver the moist air into the machine, and the water molecules will be condensed into drops through heat exchanger, after which the dry air will be exhausted outside. It is such a cycling that the moisture indoors can remain suitable. 

Working principles 

The defrosting principle of frozen dehumidifier 
The compressed dehumidifier used when the temperature is rather low( generally under 10-degree centigrade) will cause the system of the heat exchanger to be frosting, which can be unavoidable. Thus, the compressed dehumidifier will enter into regular defrosting status at the low temperature. At that time, dehumidifier will stop compressing and use the heating wire of evaporator( a part of heat exchanger) to increase the temperature of the board of heat exchanger, after which the drought fan will help transfer to take defrosting into effect. The time consuming will depend on the environmental temperature. The lower the temperature, the longer the time takes. During the process of defrosting, compressed dehumidifier can not have dehumidification operate. So as for the low temperature, the humidifying effect of compressed dehumidifier is not perfect. But new rotary dehumidifier can overcome this weakness. 

The working principles of rotary dehumidifier 
1. The production of the wheel is that ceramic fiber paper which can resist the temperature of more than 500℃ will go through the make-up machine to be the shape of the honeycomb and then be coated with silica gel. Therefore, the wheel will free from the problems of burning and delinquencies. Thanks to its function as dehumidification is to apply physical interaction rather than chemicals, no harmful chemical substances will be made. 

2. The principle of its dehumidification is that the silica gel coated on the wheel can absorb the moisture in the air to the synthetic silica gel with multi holes by means of physical interaction, after which the moisture in the holes of silica gel will be heated to vaporization in the blanket of the wheel. Then it goes to the access point of alternating heat exchanger to form the air with high temperature and high humidity, after that it passes the heat exchanger that has been cooled by cold air indoors to be condensation water because of the different dew point. Finally, it is discharged outdoors.
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