At What Temperature Can the Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Work Normally?

The ambient temperature of the Thenow wine cellar cooling unit split system can work well is generally between -5oC/23oF and 42oC/108oF. If the ambient temperature is low, the dehumidification function of the wine cellar cooling units will be greatly affected. If the outdoor environment temperature is lower than the critical value, the condenser(outdoor unit) even cannot not start.

I. Working Principle of Thenow Cellar Cooling Unit

The core working principle of the wine cellar is refrigeration/cooling. It is composed of four major refrigeration components: compressor, condenser, evaporator and throttling device. Its working principle is that the compressor compresses the gaseous refrigerant into a high-pressure and high-temperature liquid refrigerant, then flows through the condenser to release heat, and then passes through the throttling device to reduce the pressure and becomes a gaseous refrigerant that flows through the evaporator to absorb heat. After the heat absorption is completed, the gaseous refrigerator finally returns to the compressor to continue pressurizing, thus reciprocating.

① Refrigeration principle: The fan compressor starts, the outdoor unit releases heat, and the indoor unit absorbs heat

②Heating principle: Electric heating

③Dehumidification principle: The fan compressor is started, the indoor unit evaporator is dehumidified, and the auxiliary heat is turned on at the same time, which can quickly dehumidify without changing the indoor temperature.

④Humidification principle: Wet film evaporation

II. Consequences of too low ambient temperature


-7oC/20oF is basically the critical point of the lowest operating temperature of the outdoor unit of the Thenow wine cellar cooling units. Air conditioners above the critical temperature can operate normally.

In winter, the cooling system of the Thenow wine cellar air conditioner only participates in the dehumidification function of the wine cellar, that is, the fan compressor starts the indoor unit to absorb heat, and the outdoor unit releases heat. When the temperature is lower than -7oC/20oF, the fluidity of the compressor inside and outside will deteriorate under the influence of low temperature, which will increase the oil return resistance of the compressor and make it difficult to return oil. And before the compressor is started, the lubricating oil of the compressor mechanical part also cannot play a lubricating effect due to the influence of low temperature, resulting in an increase in mechanical resistance, which may eventually cause the compressor fail to start. When the outdoor temperature is higher than -7oC/20oF and lower than -2oC/28oF, the fan compressor can start normally when the wine cellar air conditioner is dehumidifying. However, due to the low outdoor environment temperature and the large temperature difference with the outdoor condenser, the condenser emits a large amount of heat . The outdoor condenser releases heat, so the corresponding indoor evaporator will absorb heat. If the heat release is large, the heat absorption will be large, so the indoor evaporator will be frosted. However, our cellar cooling units will automatically defrost according to the temperature of the indoor evaporator in time. When the evaporator temperature is lower than -2oC/28oF, our equipment will start the defrost mode.

In fact, in winter, the air humidity is very low. “ConstantTemperatureMode” is recommended to use only, so that the winter temperature will no longer affect the operation of our equipment.

Note: If the outdoor temperature is very low in winter, the indoor space where the wine cabinet or wine cellar is located turns on floor heating system or other heating equipment, causing the temperature to be higher than the set temperature of the wine cellar. At this time, if the outdoor temperature is lower than -5oC/23oF, our unit will not be able to perform cooling work normally.

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