A warm heart, no fear of wind and frost

--------A letter to all employees

Dear family,

We had a different Spring Festival holiday in 2020, and a sudden new crown virus epidemic broke the original peace and quiet.  First of all, on behalf of the company, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all employees, and thank you for your silent dedication in this special period.  At this moment, no matter where you are, I believe that the hearts of all our Snowmen are tightly connected.

During the Chinese New Year's fight against the "epidemic", I also have some feelings and thoughts to share with you.  Recalling the past 2019, I ran with you and formulated a new strategic plan for future development.  Throughout 2019, regardless of whether it is the industrial or civilian sector, each business unit has laid a solid foundation for the future.  In terms of industry, the filter element division, oil product division, post-treatment division, special equipment division, infinite pipeline division and U-band Eslite have all embarked on ecological industrial development through industrial layout and industrial transformation mode.

In terms offresh air for civilian use, through some iconic events in 2019, the development plan offresh air on campus, mandatory products for passive housing, and real estate collection and acquisition has been firmly established.  The sudden rise of medical air sterilizers has also brought new explosive growth points toThenow,  Therefore, the future of the entire group is bound to usher in a trend of adverse growth, but it only delays the execution time of the strategic plan a little bit, and the successful implementation of all these strategic deployments must be inseparable from your efforts and support.  You are the spiritual wealth and pillar of the group.

Over the past three decades, we have witnessed together that APDA has grown into a leading enterprise in the field of industrial filtration and purification. Thenow has also become a leading brand in the new wind industry with its rapid development in recent years.  Over the past thirty years, we have witnessed the splendor of the Apda andThenow people together. Let us remember these glories that belong to us.  I am very pleased to see you one by one, the ignorant boys and girls, turned into fathers and mothers, and also become the mainstay of the enterprise.

The current epidemic is overcoming difficulties.  This is a commitment and a responsibility.  In order to fight the epidemic, and to protect the health and life of each employee, and to reduce the impact of the epidemic on the company's operations, the group set up an anti-epidemic leadership team as soon as possible.  On January 28, we organized the company to assist Wuhan Hospital with 100 air sterilizers to help Wuhan fight the epidemic.  At the same time, the Group also actively implements employees 'epidemic prevention programs to protect employees' safety from various tasks such as protective materials, environmental disinfection, and emergency measures.  As an enterprise, the most important responsibility is to stabilize employment and restore production.

I sincerely thank the Apda andThenow people who are working, and thank you for your commitment and dedication during this special period.  Please protect yourself.  The company will be your strongest backing, take all protective measures, face the epidemic seriously, and you cannot relax your vigilance at any time.

There are also colleagues who have started the home office mode. I believe that this office mode can still give play to our light and heat, work enthusiasm and endless struggle.  And my colleagues who have been self-isolated in the dormitory, I believe that every day of your self-isolation is accumulating strength, which is also your commitment to the company.

Of course, many employees are in the epidemic area and cannot return to the group's family in time.  Here I ask you to protect yourself and your family. I am also looking forward to your early return in Shanghai.

No winter is insurmountable, and no spring will not come.  I believe that under the leadership of the party and the government, we will surely win this war of epidemics.  Finally, I wish all the people fromThenow and Apda to be healthy and happy in the new year in the rat.

                                                                                                           Group chairman:


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