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Introduction to the Characteristics and Function Process of Ceiling Mounted Dehumidifier

I. Introduction of the characteristics of the ceiling mounted dehumidifier:

The ceiling mounted dehumidifier can be suspended under the ceiling, also known as the ceiling dehumidifier. The biggest difference between the ceiling dehumidifier and the conventional dehumidifier is that the ceiling dehumidifier hangs under the ceiling. It does not occupy space in the interior. It is also suitable for low-level environments where space needs to be saved such as shopping malls, hotels, parking lots. If the height of the building is less than 2 meters, the ordinary dehumidifier may be super high, then the ceiling dehumidifier can be used.

The ceiling mounted dehumidifier adopts a new evaporator and easy-to-disassemble structure design, which not only improves the dehumidification efficiency of the unit and makes the air distribution uniform, but also makes the unit realize the advantages of a lightweight, small volume and ultra-thin fuselage under the condition of guaranteeing capacity and efficiency.

The ceiling mounted dehumidifier has a wide range of dehumidification, strong wind, stable outflow, low noise, and accurate control.

2. Introduction of the function process of the ceiling mounted dehumidifier:

The damp air is pumped into the machine through the fan to remove the damp air and make the articles not easy to mold. The evaporator is cooled below dew point by compressor refrigeration. Moist air condenses into the water through evaporator through heat and cold exchange. After collecting to the water receiving pan, it flows into the water tank, and the dry air is discharged from the outlet through the condenser, which reduces the indoor humidity continuously. It should be widely used in places where humidity is more demanding, such as families, offices, archives, libraries, computer rooms, precision instrument rooms, etc. It can effectively control humidity, prevent dampness, air-drying clothing, prevent all kinds of diseases caused by dampness, such as rheumatism, arthritis and other elderly diseases.

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