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Wine Cellar Cooling System


Our Ventilation series products include energy recovery ventilator(ERV), heat recovery ventilator(HRV) and some single ventilator (without heat recovery core). As for HRV and ERV, its function are not only as common exhausting fan but also a fresh air ventilation system. It helps to exhaust stale, damp indoor air and supply fresh, filtered air from outside, thus ensuring optimal indoor air quality and comfortable living. And the two air streams "meet" in the air-to-air exchanger core, the fresh air will be pre-cooled or pre-warmed by the stale air, thus saving your energy bills significantly. The systems are suitable for both retrofit and new construction project.

As for the single ventilator (without heat recovery core), we have uniflow ventilator which brings in fresh air from outside. There are filters and heater inside to make the fresh air clean and warm. We also have balanced ventilation without exchanger core. Just for exhausting the stale air and bringing in fresh air at the same time.
What is the difference between a regular air conditioner and wine cellar cooling system?
  • Regular air conditioners are meant to go down to 18 ℃, possibly 16 ℃ at the lowest. But wine is meant to be stored at around 12oC in order to age and evolve properly.
  • Standard AC units are built to cool the air quickly and to draw the humidity out of the air to make the room feels comfortable.The humidity helps to keep corks moist. While the wine cellar cooling units are designed to cool the air at a much slower rate to maintain the humidity in the room.
  • Normally wine cellar cooling units are always designed to run all year round without interruption. However,the failure rate of standard AC units is very high at such a frequency running.
  • Humidification is optional for Thenow's wine cooling units,this is obviously a normal AC unit cannot provide.
Residential ERV/HRV
Residential ERV/HRV is whole house ventilation with heat recovery. You can also call it whole house air exchanger or whole house fresh air system.

Constant fresh air in your home is an important aspect to maintain the indoor air quality. A good ventilation system will protect your family from unpleasant odors and harmful contaminants such as formaldehyde and VOCs. Opening window is a simply way to increase ventilation, it can make your air feel less stuffy, but pollen and other allergens will be invited into your home at the same time.

Alston Ceeyee Invented a kind of whole house fresh air system, which can realize indoor air circulation. It can bring in fresh air from outside after sterilization, and filtration, meanwhile, the indoor air is discharged from the room. There is an air-to-air heat exchanger inside too, which realizes heat exchanging between the two air streams. It can be installed in most indoor environments, which is convenient to install and comfortable to use. The residential ERV/HRV is a healthy choice for home life.
Commercial ERV/HRV
Commercial ERV/HRV has bigger airflow type than residential ones, widely used in large commercial buildings and industrial applications, such as office buildings, hotel, theater, Hospitals, labs, confinement center, school, bank, etc.

It's also balanced ventilation system which use both an exhaust air blower and a supply fan that does not pressurize a building. Stale room air is exhausted and fresh outdoor air is brought into the structure. And there is air-to-air heat exchanger that is designed to transfer heat and sometimes moisture between two air streams. They improve the indoor air quality and reduce the load on air handling units to be more energy saving and efficient.

In these buildings, ventilation and fresh air are the key factor to consider when designing. Thanks to our commercial energy recovery ventilator, continuous fresh air will be introduced into the indoor area with lower cost.
Home ventilator is Uni-Flow wall mounted ventilator. It can only bring in fresh outside air, and filtered it even preheated it if necessary. Mainly to supply fresh air to the indoor area. The ventilator use at home also needs to dig a hole on the wall. When bringing in fresh air, the house will be under negative pressure. And stale air will be pushed out from the door and window gaps. Or we can also add exhaust fans in washing room or kitchen.
Advantages of Thenowair Wine Cellar Cooling System
  • Advanced materials
    Advanced materials
    Swedish organic polymer material with sterilization and disinfection function
    Circulating water wet-film auto control humidification system,pull-out design wet film module,easy to maintance
  • Compressive strength
    Compressive strength
    Thick sheet metal, one-piece molding. Drainage by positive pressure,no need drain trap. The evaporator is nickel plated for corrosion protection.
  • Stable performance
    Stable performance
    Full touch control system, famous brand sensors, stable quality and performance.
    Integrated ModBus connections,ideal for the large.
    house or hotel/restaurant. Build-in humidification function.