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Ventilating Dehumidifier

Thenow whole house ventilating dehumidifier can not only allow you to precisely control the indoor humidity levels of your entire house, but also provide you with fresh and filtered air at the same time. By reducing humidity levels within your home, you can reduce condensation, damp and mould problems. And with fresh air, you have abundant oxygen in your house.

Our ventilating dehumidifier products can be ducted to different areas of the dwellings. And there are also much bigger capacities which is suitable for villas, wine cellars, swimming pools, clubs, various basements etc.

Indoor humidity produced by human activity(showering, cooking, perspiring, and even breathing) can build up to very high level, it does more than make us uncomfortable. This can encourage the growth of organisms harmful to our health, and over time, it's bad for the structure and furnishings, such as rusting.

Besides, without sufficient ventilation, we cannot be guaranteed with enough fresh air either. At the same time indoor CO2 and other harmful odors cannot drift away. So here we combine the dehumidifier and ERV(energy recovery ventilator) together to provide occupiers with fresh and dry comfortable air. That is Thenow whole house ventilating dehumidifier.
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