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Company Profile

Thenow brand belongs to Kapital Group which is from Singapore. Kapital has been focusing on improving people's indoor air quality.

In order to solve the problem of "Lost energy when opening the window, Lost health when closing the window", Kapital Group began to develop a smart and healthy air system. That is Thenow Super Air System.

Our Super Air System is integrated with remarkable technology innovation and advanced smart control system. It will bring you better living surroundings with pure, fresh and cozy air (Constant temperature and humidity) in an ingenious way.

2009 Kapital Group was interested in China market for air filtration area, especially for people`s daily life. Well, Shanghai Apureda Group is a leading company for Industrial air filtration. So they began to cooperate on residential air filtration.

2010 Kapital and Apureda founded Thenow brand.

2011 Thenow began to develop Super Air System with the help of Shanghai Jiaotong University.

2015 Super air system got very popular in China market and Thenow went on public.

Core Idea

There are two remarkable patent technologies in Thenow Super air system as follows: Pure ESP System(Air filtration and Kill bacterial); O2 Plus Cycling Comfortable system.

Besides, it also combined the technologies of cloud computing and internet of things, such as smart building, smart home appliances, smart air control, individual`s health, digital life and so on.

We are aiming at providing you an all-in-one healthy breath solution, thus making your living environment more healthy and comfortable.

Core Value
Thenow Smart Super Air system is the integration of various isolated healthy breathing products. It's the real indoor air master. Firstly since the IAQ, then analyze it, finally do adjustment to reach a comfortable level – constantly pure and fresh, constantly comfortable temperature and humidity.