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Difference Between Precision Air Conditioning Unit and Common Comfortable Air Conditioning Unit in Computer Room

Computer room has strict requirements on temperature, humidity and cleanliness. Therefore, the design of precision air conditioning unit for computer room is quite different from that of traditional comfortable air conditioning unit, which is shown in the following three aspects:

1.The traditional comfort air conditioning is mainly designed for personnel, with small air supply volume, large difference of air supply enthalpy, simultaneous cooling and dehumidification. The sensible heat of precision air-conditioning units in the engine room accounts for more than 90% of the total heat. It includes the heat of the equipment itself, the heat of lighting, the heat conduction through walls, smallpox, windows and floors, the heat of sunshine radiation, the heat of penetrating air and fresh air through cracks, etc. The humidity generated by these calories is very small, so the use of comfortable air conditioning will inevitably make the relative humidity in the room too low. It causes static electricity to accumulate on the surface of the circuit components inside the equipment, and produces discharge, which damages the equipment and interferes with data transmission and storage. At the same time, because the refrigeration capacity (40%~60%) is consumed on dehumidification, the actual cooling equipment cooling capacity is reduced a lot, greatly increasing the energy consumption.

In the design, the precision air conditioning unit for the engine room adopts strict control of evaporation pressure in the evaporator. It enlarges the air supply volume so that the surface temperature of the evaporator is higher than the dew point temperature of the air without dehumidification, and all the cold generated is used to cool down, which improves the working efficiency and reduces the loss of humidity (the air supply volume is large and the enthalpy difference of the air supply is reduced).

2.Comfortable air conditioning has small air volume and low wind speed, so it can only circulate in the direction of air supply. It can not form a whole air circulation in the machine room. The uneven cooling of the engine room makes the temperature difference in the region in the engine room. The temperature in the direction of supply air is low, while in other areas it is high. Local heat accumulation occurs in heating equipment due to different placement, which leads to overheating and damage of equipment.

The air supply capacity of the special precision air conditioning unit in the engine room is large, and the number of ventilation in the engine room is high (usually 30-60 times per hour). The whole air circulation can be formed in the engine room, so that all the equipment in the engine room can be cooled on average.

3.The traditional comfortable air conditioning has less air supply and less air exchange times. The air in the engine room can not guarantee a high enough flow rate to bring dust back to the filter, so dust deposition occurs in the equipment of the engine room. It has a negative effect on the equipment itself. And the filter performance of general comfortable air conditioning units is poor, which can not meet the requirements of computer purification.

The special precision air conditioning unit has large air supply capacity and good air circulation. At the same time, it has a special air filter, which can filter the dust in the air in time and efficiently, and keep the cleanliness of the room.

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