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Liu Jian Standing Committee And Vice-Mayor Of Shanghai Jinshan District Visited Thenow Factory

On March 20, Liu Jian, deputy director of Jinshan District, Shanghai, visited Thenow’s Industrial Park. Mr. Zhang, Chairman of Thenow  and Ms. Rena,COO of Thenow purification and other department persons in charge accompanied the tour. Thenow has been committed to creating the breathing health and comfort of the human settlement environment, and the concept of environmental protection and public welfare has been rooted in the blood of the enterprise, so it has also been highly valued by the district leaders.

During this investigation, Ms.Rena gave a more in-depth report to the district leaders on the development ideas of Thenow and the strategic direction of the public welfare return society, and led the leader and entourage to visit the human and natural experience areas of the Thenow experience Center. Science and health experience area, social responsibility and public welfare display area and R & D manufacturing center.

Liu Jian, deputy director of the district and his party of district leaders, first visited and inspected the human and natural experience areas of the Thenow experience Center, ranging from the display of air quality air bottles to the environmental protection concept of air ink and the strategic thinking of demonstrating the harmony between man and nature. Have been highly recognized by the leadership, in the evaluation, but also put forward better recommendations.

Next, they visited Thenow's Technology and Health experience centers, from wine cellars, chess and card rooms, cigar bars, KTV, children's entertainment areas, and so on, to make every change that Thenow brings can be felt.

At the end of the technology and health experience centers, there is our five-constant space room, in this room you will enjoy the constant oxygen, constant purification, constant temperature, constant humidity, and constant quietness. This is also Thenow's intelligent, integrated, and systematic five-constant system for passive houses. One machine to solve the indoor air environment cleanliness, humidity, temperature problems. Mr. liu also looked at the progress of Thenow in the Social responsibility and Public Welfare Exhibition area, and gave a high degree of affirmation.

Finally, the leader visited Thenow's R & D and Manufacturing Center, examined Thenow's specialized laboratories, 3m³(measuring harmful gases and microorganisms), 30m³(measuring machine performance), noise laboratories, wind tunnel laboratories, high and low temperature laboratories, professional aging laboratory, nano-dust laboratory, enthalpy difference laboratory and other professional laboratories and production lines.

Thenow has always adhered to the great mission of serving human health, and has made some achievements and progress under the strong concern of the district leaders. In the future, we will continue to work hard to change the health of the human settlement environment with the strength of science and technology. So that consumers can feel the presence of this care in a healthy and comfortable environment.

Thenow, come for change, let's move forward together.
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