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Introduction and Different Modes of Cellar Air Conditioning

The cellar air conditioning is a low temperature precision constant temperature and humidity air conditioner, commonly known as a wine cellar machine. The unit principle is the same as that of ordinary air conditioners, but it has its own characteristics. It uses a low temperature compressor. Because the temperature requirement of the wine cellar is generally between 12 ° C and 18 ° C, and the minimum air outlet temperature of the ordinary air conditioner is about 18 ° C, the minimum indoor temperature reached is about 20 ° C, so it is necessary to use a low temperature compressor to cool. The actual refrigeration temperature of the cryogenic compressor is approximately 0 °C-20 °C. The unit is equipped with a humidifier. Ultrasonic humidification and electrode humidification are usually used according to the power of the unit. The built-in water tank is connected to the humidifier and has its own temperature and humidity control system. In addition, according to the requirements of the wine cellar, the unit will also be equipped with a condensate drain pump and anti-vibration device.

cellar air conditioning mode

1. Installed. In stand-alone mode, the wine cellar air conditioner is embedded in the cellar wall and the heat removal system is outside the cellar wall. The inside is tempered and the outside is vented. This way you have to penetrate the wall of the wine cellar. The interior space of the wine cellar is relatively medium. According to the volume of the temperature control space, there are 20 cubic meters and 40 cubic meters.
2. Combination. In combination mode, the combined air conditioner separates the cooling and exhaust equipment. It is connected through a ventilation duct, and the temperature regulation and humidity control performance is equivalent to that of the installation, but the installation is more flexible than the installation. According to the volume of the temperature adjustment space, there are 20 cubic meters and 40 cubic meters.
3. Refrigeration door. The cooling door mode is suitable for smaller spaces, such as the cellar space below 15 cubic meters. The refrigeration door has the advantages of perfect performance, elegant appearance, space saving, etc. It is very suitable for small wine cellar installation.

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