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What Is Mechanical Ventilation With Heat Recovery?

Fresh air is constantly drawn into the home with the aid of a low electricity warmth healing ventilation unit, positioned in the roof space/utility location of the home. The air flow unit filters the incoming air to get rid of pollution and insects. Once surpassed via the warmness exchanger inside the ventilation electricity unit, the warm, clean, fresh filtered air is distributed around the home thru a series of ducts which are run to every liveable room i.e. dwelling room, bed room etc.

The air from wet rooms i.e bathrooms, kitchens, wc’s, utility areas and many others is continually extracted and filtered returned thru the air flow unit. The warmness from the extracted air is transferred to the clean incoming air. The heat recovered can off-set the heating prices and will decrease gasoline bills. The machine presents low power balanced non-stop air flow without the want for extract fans or window vents, ensuring a draught-free residing environment.
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