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On 29th, Nov. 2018, HC Network HVAC and Comfortable Home Industry Summit - "Thenow Fresh Air Cup" 2018 air-conditioning fresh air industry brand event was held in Beijing. This event was co-sponsored by HC Network, HC Air Conditioning Refrigeration Network, HC New Air Net, HC Air Net, HC Refrigeration Network, 51 Factory Batch, Shanghai Thenow Purification Technology Co., Ltd. won the championship, Thenow brand was rated“2018 Fresh Air Ventilation System Leading Brand”At the same time, Thenow’s ventilating dehumidifier won the medal “2018 Dehumidifier Example Brand”in China.

Other leading brands in China in fresh air ventilation system on the list including: Wentry, ALDES, Panosonic, Zehnder, Yuanda, Airspa, Broan and Kinghonor.

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