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The Importance of Humidity to Wine Cellars

For those who know or love wine, wine has life, and they are more picky about the storage environment than the flowers in the greenhouse. Therefore, if they want to keep a bottle of wine, they must have a cellar with good storage conditions, wine cellar humidity control is an important link in the design of wine cellar. It is necessary to keep a constant humidity environment. Generally speaking, the humidity of wine cellar should be kept at Sixty%-75 %.Therefore, many wine cellars now choose to use the corresponding Snow Cellar humidifier, cellar humidity control equipment to effectively regulate the humidity, so that the cellar environment humidity can meet the storage requirements of wine。

A qualified wine cellar can guarantee the long-term storage of wine in the cellar without being affected only by maintaining a constant humidity environment. Theoretically, the humidity in the cellar environment should not be less than 50% RHO the wise, in the low humidity and dry wine cellar, the cork at the mouth of the bottle is easy to shrink and crack, which will cause the outside air to enter and cause the wine to oxidize and deteriorate. After several years, the wine may have already become heartbreaking grape vinegar. Moreover, the cellar environmental humidity also determines the wine evaporation. The wooden barrel storing wine in the low humidity and dry environment will be dehydrated and cracked due to the drying of the environment, resulting in the natural evaporation of the wine in the barrel. The evaporation amount is1 5% Left and right; as of a barrel Sixty Gallon of wine, will lose Four Gallons of wine, resulting in additional waste and loss.

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