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Sample Of Energy Recovery Ventilator System

The energy recovery ventilator system is mainly composed of centrifugal blower, centrifugal fan, heat recovery core, air outlet and other accessories. It is an upgraded version of the heat recovery fresh air exchanger equipped with a heat recovery core. It is a more energy-saving air exchange system.

The energy recovery ventilator system is equipped with two fans. During the operation of the blower, fresh air is introduced from the outside and transported to each room through the air supply pipe. Indoor dirty air is collected from the bathroom and other rooms, through the exhaust duct, from the exhaust fan exhaust to the outdoor. The fresh air flow and the dirty air discharged from the room are exchanged between temperature and humidity at the built-in heat exchange core, and part of the energy is recovered, which is brought back to the room through the fresh air. Thenow company specializes in the production of full heat exchange fresh air system. The company has a strong technical development force, with advanced CNC processing equipment to produce full heat exchange fresh air system, exhaust air, air supply at the same speed at the same time, to achieve the same amount of ventilation. We use new materials in the interior, effectively reduce the noise of operation, with good insulation effect, light weight advantages. We manufacture products with excellent performance to obtain high praise from consumers.

Fresh air exchanger is mainly composed of heat recovery system, power system, control system, noise reduction system and box. The static plate heat exchanger is used for heat exchange. When the return air and fresh air of indoor air conditioning flow through the heat exchanger in an orthogonal cross way, the heat and mass transfer occurs simultaneously between the two air streams due to the difference of temperature and water vapor partial pressure between the air streams on both sides of the flat baffle, which results in the whole heat exchange process. This process is accomplished through a flat partition, so it belongs to the transmission-type energy recovery ventilator system. When the energy recovery ventilator system installed on the system is running in summer, the fresh air obtains the cooling amount from the return air of the air conditioner to reduce the temperature, and at the same time is dried by the return air to reduce the humidity of the fresh air. During winter operation, fresh air obtains heat energy from the return air of the air conditioner, which increases the temperature and is humidified by the return air. It is through this full heat exchange process that fresh air is recycled from the air conditioning.
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