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Merry Christmas!

Thenow Public Welfare Activity
On December 21, 2018, the children of Sunshine House in Tinglin Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai came to Thenow to celebrate Christmas. Thenow marketing team prepared a colorful Christmas event for the children of Sunshine House. While the children bring happiness and joy, they can help children to expand their horizons, enrich their extracurricular life, and promote the healthy development of children's physical and mental health.

Thenow is a company that focuses on the comfort of indoor air environment, and has been thinking about it: In addition to creating a more comfortable and healthy living environment for people, what more worthy of our efforts? Do we need to find a broader and more viable meaning for our own life, that is-public welfare. Therefore, Thenow and the Jinshan Disabled People' Federation form a helping relationship and do their own little to help these disabled people. The children of the Sunshine House are also an important step in our practice of public welfare.

In this event, the Christmas atmosphere in the Thenow Industrial Park made the children very happy. The appearance of Santa Claus made them more excited. It was obvious that they need social care and love. At the beginning of the event, Santa took them to visit the experience center of Thenow, let them feel the healthy and comfortable air environment created by Thenow, and at the same time, the children were very happy to play in the children's entertainment area.

After the visit, Santa Claus had a full interaction with the children. The first was to distribute Christmas gifts, and the children were very active in seeking gifts. Following, we carried out the DIY Christmas card and dressed up the Christmas tree, which fully exercise the children's hands-on ability and interactive ability, the children were also very active, one of the children said that he want to make a greeting card for his mother, everyone cannot be exciting at site. At the end of the event, a photo of the event was also sent, and the children all looked like a treasure, and they all showed a happy smile.

The time of gathering was always short, but our relationship with the children would not be interrupted. The children also sincerely invited Santa to visit the Sunshine House in Tinglin Town, saying that they can perform programs, recite stories and drums performances for Santa Claus. Wait a minute, we fully feel the sincerity in the eyes of the child. Before leaving, they held Santa’s hands and hugged with Santa Claus. Their eyes were filled with tears. This scene made us feel the value of public welfare. 

Of course, public welfare is not just an activity, not just a one-time help. We think these are far from enough. In fact, we want to spread the concept of public welfare, so that the ideas of public welfare can influence more people to participate and help others. Seeing the Sunshine Children’s sincere eyes and happy smiles, all of these make us understand that the pains and frustrations we experience are nothing at all. When you see them, you will feel that our lives, and more things are worth doing.
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