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Introduce Of Fresh Air System

1. What is a fresh air system?

Fresh air system means that fresh air outside is filtered and sent indoors, while dirty air is discharged outside. It achieves the balance of the system while air displacement, so that a closed space can achieve scientific air convection, it also adds a respiratory system to a closed room. It ensures fresh air for 24 hours in a closed room. Being in the room is like being in a green forest. It also ensures that the room is clean and quiet, isolated from the outside of the dust and noise, and can effectively avoid the dew caused by the house moldy phenomenon.

2. Introduction to the types of fresh air system:

According to the air distribution, the fresh air system can be divided into: one-way central fresh air system, two-way central fresh air system, and total heat exchange central fresh air system. One-way fresh air ventilation system is the system of "forced exhaust and natural inlet". Its working principle is to rely on the suction generated by the work of the main engine to form the indoor negative pressure and send the dirty air to the outdoor through the air supply pipe. In order to balance the negative pressure inside the room, the relatively fresh air outside the room enters the room from the pre-installed air inlet, in order to achieve the purpose of ventilation.

Bidirectional flow central fresh air system is the "forced exhaust, forced air supply" system, which consists of a group of forced air supply system and a group of forced exhaust system. The difference between it and one-way flow lies in that the air supply form is changed from natural air supply to forced air supply. The air inlet through the air inlet hole is more active. The fresh air is sent into the room by the pipe of the air supply system, and the dirty air is centrally discharged to the outdoor through the pipe of the air exhaust system.

The central fresh air system with full heat exchange overcomes the disadvantages of the above system. The whole heat recovery system has been added to the main engine. The air in and out of the main engine has passed through the heat exchanger installed in the main engine, and the energy exchange of preheating and precooling can retain 70% of the energy of indoor air. Even if the temperature difference is large, the indoor temperature will not be affected.

The air supply outlet and exhaust outlet are installed in different positions of the same room. Fresh air is sent to each room through pipes. The dirty air is extracted from the air outlet of each room. This can create new convection in each relatively independent space and effectively ensure the quality of air. Among the three types of central fresh air system, one-way flow central fresh air system and total heat exchange fresh air system are the most widely used. One-way flow fresh air system is generally used in apartment families to effectively ventilate and improve indoor air quality. Full heat exchange fresh air system is mostly used in villas and households. It is installed before decoration to efficiently recover heat energy and save energy consumption.