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Importance Of Wine Cellar Cooling System

Temperature control is one of the most important factors for wine storage, in addition to good natural conditions, the cellar temperature control equipment is also crucial, so, the constant temperature and humidity system of the wine cellar is particularly important, this system has strict limits, mainly to ensure that the cellar is under constant temperature and humidity, to keep the wine from going moldy. But people often ask, what's the difference between the wine cellar cooling system and home air conditioner? So, let me answer for you.

As we all know, household air conditioner minimum temperature can only be to 16℃, and wine storage temperature for 6℃-12℃, It's obvious that home air conditioners cannot meet the demand. On the other hand, household air conditioners cool down quickly when they cool down, will let the moisture in the air quickly condensed into water vapor, and then be air conditioning exhaust, which will make the air more and more dry.the wine cellar cooling system is slow cooling,It does not condense air into water vapor, keep the water molecules in the wine cellar. Thus ensuring the humidity in the wine cellar, It's worth mentioning that the wine cellar constant temperature and humidity machine has a humidifying system, which also ensures the humidity requirements of the wine cellar. finally, The working time and using frequency of constant temperature and humidity air conditioning in wine cellar are much higher than those in home air conditioning, it can run all year round without interruption, However, the failure rate of household air conditioners is very high at such a frequency. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a constant temperature and humidity machine for your wine cellar or wine cabinet.

But how to choose a cooling system that suits your wine cellar or wine cabinet? Our company can solve this problem,we have launched 2 series products for customers to choose ,which are suitable for different sizes of space.if you are interested,you can contact with us!
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