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HRV System Installation Considerations

Your first project is to find a location for your HRV that minimizes the size of ducts wanted to connect it to the outside and to any current duct machine inside your house. Both consumption and exhaust ducts that connect to exterior wall louvers ought to be factory-insulated, while both ducts main to and from completely indoor areas should be plain, inflexible metal. Typical duct measurement is 6 inches in diameter for both types. You could strive to get away with 5-inch, but this measurement would possibly now not permit sufficient air flow. Why take a chance?

As you're homing in on a remaining location, lean greater closer to shortening the insulated duct, instead than the clean steel stuff, if you have to choose. The rough inside surface of the insulated duct impedes air flow more than smooth duct does. Plus, the polyethylene outer wrap on the insulate duct is fragile. These two motives are why you choose as little insulated duct as viable in your installation.

Access to some variety of drain is every other difficulty that influences HRV location. The quantity of water produced by an HRV is quite small, so you can connect the drain line to a sump gap in the basement floor, an everyday plumbing drain, or even a ground drain. You can faucet into typical ABS drain pipe by drilling a hole for the bendy vinyl drain line from your unit, then use silicone caulking to invulnerable the line inside the pipe.

Think the HRV place trouble through and give yourself a day or two to consider various preferences before selecting a remaining spot. The least vital region feature is get entry to to electricity. Adding a new outlet close by is higher than having long ducts or a long drain line.
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