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Features and options of wine cellar air conditioning

In the design of a private villa wine cellar, temperature control is a top priority.  Without the right temperature, the cellar loses its value.  In addition to good natural conditions, the temperature equipment of the cellar is also crucial.  Wine cellar air conditioning and fresh air systems have strict restrictions, mainly to ensure that the temperature of the wine cellar is always at a constant temperature.  According to the experience of wine cellar cooling unit and fresh air system design, it is recommended to use high quality wine cellar cooling unit for wine cellar ,while large wine cellars can be customized according to actual conditions.  In addition, we should also add a fresh air system to the wine cellar to keep the room ventilated to avoid moldy wine.  In short, the wine cellar cooling unit and fresh air system should have the following characteristics.

1. According to environmental control requirements, it can be divided into high precision, ordinary precision, high precision and reliable;

 2.according to the cooling method can be divided into air-cooled and water-cooled;

 3. It can be divided into cabinet type and horizontal type according to the physical structure; it can be divided into direct blowing type and duct type according to the return air supply method.

Of course, there are many other factors to consider when designing a wine cellar in a private villa. The formation of wine cellar culture takes time to settle and requires the owner's careful care. 

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Comparison between ordinary air conditioner and wine cellar cooling unit and fresh air system

 1. The minimum temperature of ordinary air conditioners can only reach 17, 18 degrees, which does not meet the storage conditions of the wine cellar; it cannot meet the storage conditions of 6-12 ° C for wine.  The wine cellar cooling unit and fresh air system can well reach the temperature required by the wine cellar.

 2. The wine cellar cooling unit and fresh air system of the wine cellar fully meet the storage conditions of the wine cellar.  However, the efficiency of the interior design of ordinary air conditioners drops rapidly when it deviates from the design conditions; low efficiency does not save energy.

 3. Small vibration has little effect on the storage of red wine. Most wine cellar cooling unit and fresh air systems use international advanced brand-name compressors to reduce vibration of air-conditioning units.

 4. Small size and space saving. The indoor unit adopts a reasonable optimized structural design, which has the characteristics of miniaturization and small installation space requirements, which saves a lot of space for the room, effectively uses the space of the room in other aspects, and increases the room's  Use value.  Especially for modern businesses, it saves business space and brings greater convenience and efficiency.

 5. Quiet operation, low noise, using large-diameter fans and optimized turbine-shaped air duct design to make the air supply stronger and farther, and the noise is smaller; reduce the noise of air conditioning operation; use the latest international sound insulation and noise reduction materials, really ultra-quiet design, while preventing air quality pollution.

 6.Humidity can be accurately controlled at about 60 ~ 70%, which is more suitable for wine storage and fermentation.