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Principle And Characteristics Of Energy Recovery Ventilator System

The energy recovery ventilator system is a kind of fresh air system, fresh air system is divided into one-way flow of fresh air, two-way flow of fresh air and full heat exchanger fresh air system, it has many advantages of fresh air system, it is the most comfortable, the most energy-saving fresh air system.

Principle of energy recovery ventilator system

The energy recovery ventilator system perfectly combines the overall balanced ventilation design and efficient heat exchange. The system is equipped with double centrifugal fan and integral balance wind valve. The system introduces fresh air from the outdoor and distributes it to all bedrooms and living rooms through the air supply pipe system. Meanwhile, the indoor turbidity air collected from public areas such as corridors and living rooms is discharged. It can complete indoor air displacement without opening windows and improve indoor air quality. The fresh air flow and the turbidity air flow discharged from the room exchange energy at the heat exchange core of the fresh air system, reducing the impact of fresh air introduction from the outside on indoor comfort and air conditioning load. In addition, the system can be configured with intelligent control system according to human comfort requirements.

Characteristics of energy recovery ventilator system

1. Clear air filtration: professional air filter is built in to ensure clean and fresh air into the room.

2. Ultra-quiet design: the main fan adopts ultra-low noise fan, and the internal equipment adopts high-efficiency muffler technology, with very low working noise and no interference.

3. Ultra-thin type is easy to install: the body is specially designed for ultra-thin type, which brings great convenience to installation and can save limited architectural space.

4. Maintenance-free design: the unique design of the airflow channel, the airflow permeability is good, wind resistance is small, it can be used for a long time to achieve the maintenance-free heat exchange main body.

5. Energy conservation and environmental protection: The use of heat exchange for ventilation will not cause energy loss, even if the use of heating and cooling, it can provide a full range of efficient, energy-saving ventilation environment.

6. Seiko: all parts of the equipment are made of high-quality steel plate, environment-friendly material and aluminum alloy frame. The surface is treated with electrostatic plastic spraying technology.
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