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Energy Recovery Ventilator Installation

1. Field joint
Before construction, the customer should be informed of the intentions according to the working drawings. The classifications are mentioned below:
a)Whether the construction conditions are met the standard and the communication should be carried on with customers if it is feasible to operate the mechanical equipment during daytime. The time for construction should be confirmed with Property in case that the noises caused by mechanical equipment affect other households in order to have construction proceed.
b)When working on renovation project, the trend of water and electricity about the original building should be known from customers so as to protect the previous waterway and circuit when it comes to walls and roofs openings.
c) The temporary storage locations about the equipment and systemic accessories should be discussed with customers and take related protective measures so as not to be damaged by other construction teams.
d)Whether the temporary electricity for construction gets ready should be made sure with customers. The temporary electricity have to be equipped with protective measures for power consumption in case of any accidents.

2. The arrival and storage of equipment
When the equipment arrives, OOBA should be done first for checking if its model is matched with the design proposal and the random installing instruction, controller instruction and Certificate of Compliance should be ensured.
The equipment, materials and tools will placed orderly in the designated locations, stopping from any breakdown. And corresponding fireproofing instrument is provided.

3. Constructions are in line with drawings                                      
It is strictly required that the construction should follow the drawings. If there is any change, the approval of designers should be got during the construction and the relevant modification should be done, after which the final drawings should be sent to customers for office copy.
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