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The Differences Between Wine Cellar Machine and General Air Conditioner

Wine cellar climate control system is the core of cellar, named as air conditioner with constant temperature and humidity and cellar machine. Currently, many people mix wine cellar climate control system up with general air conditioner. It is simply because the shape of the former is similar to the latter while the functions of wine cellar climate control system are much more multiple. Examples are taken below.

1. The temperature can be adjusted to be lower than others: room air conditioner is only 20℃ at minimum or some imported ranges from 10 to 20℃, both of which are not good enough for wine storage. The wine equipment can be 10℃ or even lower. A few imported wine cellar can be set at 5℃.

2. The functions of constant temperature and moisturization: the domestic air conditioner is quick cooling when refrigeration, pushing the water in the air to change into steam to be exhausted rapidly and further making the space drier and drier. Wine cellar climate control system will lower the temperature stably and slowly, which imitates the mode of nature, preventing the air from being condensed into steam so that it can be stored in the wine cellar for having little influence on the humidity of space. Some wine cellar will be equipped with humidifier to ensure the demand of humidity.

3. It is durable and it has low rate of fault: the working hours and the use frequency of wine cellar machine are longer and higher than the domestic air conditioner, which can keep running at all seasons. While the domestic air conditioner will easily break down in such conditions.

4. It saves energy and electricity: general room air conditioner will be set at 24℃, 12 degree power a day. Moreover, it will consume more energy when its temperature goes down 1℃. However, the special wine cellar climate control system is set about 10℃, 6 degree power a day only. When it is working for 24 hours a day without any stop, it will help save a lot of money at the end of one year.
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