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About Wine Glasses

Many friends are asking, what do you need to pay attention to when drinking wine?  In order to make your wine better, we can get these routines...

First, the choice of wine glasses is very important.The common types of wine glasses are follows:
Bordeaux Cup: The most commom cup type, practical, so many people think that this is a universal cup, suitable for drinking similar wine such as Bordeaux.

Burgundy Cup: The cup is large,shallower than the Burgundy wine, and large in diameter, which is good for the rich aroma of Burgundy wine.

White wine glass: smaller than the rad wine glass, the narrow mouth is good for gathering aroma.

Champagne: Also known as a flute cup, it can be used to drink all sparkling wine.The long body and the narrow belly and the mouth of the glass are conducive to preserving the bubbles in the wine.

Sweet wine glass: usually short, suitable for drinking Noble rot and sweet liquor, Pore Madeira, Sherry and other wines.

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