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Advantages of Wine Cellar Temperature and Humidity Control Units

According to the requirements of the wine cellar, the unit will also be equipped with a condensate drain pump and anti-vibration device. The special equipment of the wine cellar has the advantages over conventional air conditioners:
1. Adjustable temperature is lower. Household air conditioners can only be as low as 20 degrees, while wine cellar temperature and humidity control units can reach 12 degrees or even lower.

2. Constant temperature and humidity function. Household air conditioners absorb moisture while cooling, making the interior more and more dry. The wine cellar equipment comes with a humidifying water tank to maintain the humidity in the room at a high level.

3. Automatic start and control functions. The wine cellar equipment has a special dedicated control module. It will start automatically when power is restored after a power outage, unlike home air conditioners that require human intervention. After the temperature and humidity are set, the device will work continuously in the fully automatic mode.

4. Durable endurance and low failure rate. The working time and frequency of the wine cellar temperature and humidity control units are much higher than that of the household air conditioner, which can be operated continuously throughout the year, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter. At the frequency of use of household air conditioners, the failure rate will be very high. The main components used in the wine cellar equipment (such as the compressor/controller) are specially designed for wear-resistant equipment with longer lasting endurance and reliability to ensure your wine is safe.
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