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Wine Cellar Wiki

  • Introduction of Wine Cellar Dehumidifier I. Reasons for need of wine cellar dehumidifier:1. Storage of wine needs to meet certain standards. First of all, there should be suitable humidity and temperature.2. Secondly, a good ventilation envi... More +
  • About Wine Storage Wine storage optionsThere are three main ways to store your bottles of wine safely and securely:Wine cellar – this is the ideal way to store your wine bottles, temperature and humidity controlled ide... More +
  • About Wine Glasses Many friends are asking, what do you need to pay attention to when drinking wine? In order to make your wine better, we can get these routines...First, the choice of wine glasses is very important.Th... More +
  • The Role of Wine Refrigeration Units The low temperature treatment of wine can improve and improve the quality of wine on the one hand. The shorter the new wine, the more effective the effect of cooling to improve the sensory quality. On... More +
  • The Necessity of Wine Refrigeration Units The wine contains a certain amount of pigment, which is easily affected by ultraviolet rays to cause pigmentation and discoloration of the liquor. Red wine contains protein and salt, which precipitate... More +
  • The Working Principle of the Wine Room Cooling Systems It is always a happy moment to enjoy a bottle of quality wine. The only regret is that it is difficult to keep the wine at the right temperature. The newly designed fashion product, the wine cooler, s... More +
  • Wine Room Cooling Systems Process The quality of the wine is closely related to the equipment of the wine room cooling systems. Freezing and cooling to achieve a certain degree of clarity in the wine to prevent crystallization of tart... More +
  • Advantages of Wine Cellar Temperature and Humidity Control Units According to the requirements of the wine cellar, the unit will also be equipped with a condensate drain pump and anti-vibration device. The special equipment of the wine cellar has the advantages ove... More +