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Solution Of Energy Recovery Ventilator

Energy recovery ventilator is a kind of indoor ventilation equipment, which discharges the airtight indoor air into the outdoor, and at the same time introduces the outdoor fresh air through the filter of the total heat exchanger into the indoor. In the process of indoor air discharging into the outdoor and outdoor fresh air entering into the indoor, the energy recovery ventilator transfers two different temperatures of air to reduce the load of air conditioning as much as possible, so as to achieve the role of energy saving and environmental protection.

1. Brief introduction of energy recovery ventilator.

2. The function of energy recovery ventilator.

3. Scope of application of energy recovery ventilator.

1. Brief introduction of energy recovery ventilator.
With the rampant haze weather since last year, the fresh air system has entered the public eye with an accelerated trend. Many users have begun to understand the fresh air system, but as a high-end product in the family of fresh air systems, what is the fresh air total heat exchanger, there are still many users do not understand. In fact, energy recovery ventilator is a kind of fresh air system. It adds the function of total heat recovery on the basis of ordinary fresh air system, which makes residential buildings more energy-saving.

2. Function of energy recovery ventilator
Two-way ventilation: indoor and outdoor two-way ventilation, equal replacement of fresh air and dirty air, it can achieve positive and negative pressure operation according to customer requirements; Fresh air and exhaust air are completely separated to completely avoid cross-infection.

Filtration treatment: equipped with different filtration materials, fresh air filtration treatment, it can effectively purify the air. It complies with the requirements of building codes and is equipped with different filters to effectively prevent pollutants such as dust and harmful gases from entering the room. Medium and high efficiency filters can be configured according to cleanliness requirements.

High efficiency and energy saving: built-in static heat exchanger, the heat exchange efficiency is more than 70%, and the cold and hot load (room temperature) is not affected by the fresh air, which greatly reduces the energy required by the fresh air and achieves high efficiency and energy saving.

Easy application: multiple models, suitable for building units ranging from 15 square meters to 1100 square meters, integrated structure, it has built-in heat exchanger, dual fan and filter. It only needs to be connected to the power supply and tuyere can be used, it not only simplifies the design, but also adapt to a variety of renovation projects.

Safe and reliable: low noise fan and internal noise reduction treatment prevent interference to the site, the whole machine has no moving parts except the fan, almost no maintenance, which can ensure long-term stable and reliable work.

Low cost and high efficiency: it replaces the fresh air treatment equipment and does not need to set up a single operation room. It can reduce equipment investment and construction area, use heat recovery technology to save energy and reduce consumption, significantly reduce operating costs, save energy consumption of fresh air treatment by more than 30%, no supply of cold and hot sources, integrated structure reduces maintenance workload and saves labor cost.