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The troubles of respiratory environment about the fog and haze in summer and stuffiness in winter seem never stop. The classrooms in school are densely populated and the spaces are limited, leading to oxygen deficit of students because of poor air flow. The students overuse their for study, so it is not enough oxygen, they will feel tired and exhausted, not only influencing their learning efficiency but doing harm to their health and growth.  

The limitations of air cleaner are obvious

Air cleaners are easy to sell when used for improving the indoor air quality, especially when the frog goes seriously. But as time go by, people wind find out the weakness of internal recycling brought by air cleaner becomes apparent. First of all, it will have an impact on air flow, causing the indoor air pollution is higher than outdoors. The tough problem that students feel oppressed and hard to breathe worries the parents again.
Air cleaner aims at purifying the original air indoors, during which it will definitely pollute the air and be harmful to health and respiratory system. In addition, the filter efficiency of air cleaner on the market is restricted and if the filter element can not be replaced in time, the pollution will happen more easily.

Also, the more tightness is, the poor the air flow is by terms of the classroom where is crowded. Besides the air pollution, people are likely to have some problems about breathing so that they will be dizzy and have memory decay.

Demand of ventilation is growing 

Nowadays, the development of ventilation has reached the stage of the discussions from national ministries: according to the requirements of Ministry of Housing, the standard named The Regulations of System Technology for Household Ventilation for engineering construction industry has been enrolled into the compilation plan, which is the first technical norms in China. In NPC  and CPPCC, the representatives frequently put forward ideas that the ventilation should enter into schools.

The so-called ventilation is comprised of fresh air ventilator and piles, being an unique air treatment system. It will filtrate and purify the fresh air outdoors and deliver it to the indoors by pipes, ensuring the air quality in the rooms. It can introduce the fresh air and filtrate the air at the same time, after which the air will go indoors constantly. Also, the polluted air in the rooms will be exhausted continuously. The steps promote the smoothness of air flow from indoors and outdoors, which makes sure a plenty of fresh air purified with enough oxygen indoors.
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