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Ventilating/dehumidifying/Air conditioning in large commercial buildings and industrial applications, such as office buildings, hotel, theater, Hospitals, labs, confinement center, bank, etc.

It is reported that the popularity rate of ventilating is up to 96.56% overseas while in China, only 1% new house is installed with this system, from which it sounds little strange to national residents so that the use of the popularity of it falls behind developed countries.

In northern Europe, some countries pay attention to quality and solutions of energy. The central ventilating has been here for 50 years. In 1970s, the newly-built houses in Spain would usually install this system, with the coverage of 90%. In 1989, America customized “ the regulations of indoor air quality” and today, it becomes a necessity for lives. The research carried out in 2005, the sales of ventilating have made a breakthrough of 21 million. In 2000, EU unified the standard of ventilation in the household. In Europe, it is an inevitable choice for the development of building technology and people can not live without ventilating.

What does drag the development of ventilating industry on in China? Indeed, compared with indoor air quality, people tend to care much about the air quality of the city, which means that people still do not realize how the indoor air affects our health.

Actually, people in modern times spend 80% of their time staying indoors while PM2.5, suspended particulate matter and the bacteria produced when people sweat will not deposit on the ground and some of them will stay in the air for several days, doing harm to human beings. Thus, it is not workable to improve the air quality by means of opening the windows for ventilation. However, ventilating is able to ensure the air to be clean indoors, doing good to the health.
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